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Panorama Big Sur





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What's New


Panorama Big Sur

Please enjoy this dynamic and fascinating video with high definition footage, including actual film from the Big Sur area and the construction of Panorama Big Sur in Voorhout.



After a very successful showing of Panorama Big Sur in the Netherlands, the exhibition in Voorhout will be ending

in 2010. At this time, I am open to serious suggestions and ideas for Panorama Big Sur to be exhibited again in the United States. The wooden construction that houses the 17ft. x 135 ft. oil painting, the staircases, the faux terrain as well as the handicap chair lift will be available and ready for easy set up of the exhibition of Panorama Big Sur.


In a relatively short period, the admission charged exhibition in the Netherlands has been visited by tens of thousands of visitors. Calendars, postcards, prints and DVD’s etc. on the subject of the panorama painting were available for resale to the public as well. Beside the cultural and artistic aspects of exhibiting Panorama Big Sur to the public at large, it has also proven to be a financially attractive venture.


For more information about space requirement, shipping and installing as well as financial information, please contact me at andrebalyon@gmail.com


A 45-minute DVD in high definition that presents and explains the making and construction of Panorama Big Sur in great detail is available upon request.


I also recommend viewing the Panorama Big Sur page on this web site.


Thank you.

André Balyon




























































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