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Panorama Big Sur





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What's New

Little Swiss Café

Swiss Cafe

Dining in the Swiss Café

The Little Swiss Café with its quaint old-time Carmel-by-the-Sea atmosphere is a place where locals come for their favorite food. No one is a stranger, and everyone feels as if they know each other.

Steven, the owner of “TheLittle Swiss” and I, were brainstorming one day about what to do with the

barren walls in the Café. We agreed that I would

paint a quick and simple rendition of a Dutch

landscape in four seasons.

(Steven is Dutch as well.)


Steven, owner of the Swiss Café


André and Steven

It started out as a simple idea. The panoramic

“Dutch Treat” scene became everything but simple.

Not only was it challenging to create a believable

perspective in the landscape, also a way to include the change of the seasons was going to be tricky.


Well, in the end it all became as believable as the boy who saved Holland by sticking his finger in the dike! One joke in the painting led to another, and pretty soon, the paintings were filled with hilarious pranks and humorous situations. The fun part about these paintings is that occasionally I will keep painting more “stuff” in it.

Nanne and André

Michael's Parrot Jimmy

Michael, a local patron to the Café, lost his beautiful friend-parrot to a hawk recently. Mike was devastated. When I heard about this, I painted his bird “Jimmy” into the painting. Now Mike has breakfast on a regular basis accompanied by his feathered friend!

A drawback of some sort is, that those who see “Dutch Treat” at the Swiss Café assume my “regular” work has the same humorous features. One day a couple, after having lunch at the Little Swiss Café, visited an art gallery across the street wanting to see more of my work. Their response, after seeing my paintings in the gallery was: “We are somewhat disappointed…there’s nothing funny in them!”

Andre Painting Panels in Swiss Cafe


We hope you enjoy this video

Panel 2









Panel 3









Panel 1









Panel 4


Panel 5









Panel 6

Panel 7

Panel 8



A new panel has been added to the Little Swiss Café.



"Dusk at Rocky Point"

68" x 107"









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