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What's New

KC the Cat

This, is Shelley’s cat “KC”. She routinely drinks out of the fishbowl while “Sushi”, a blue beta, sometimes actually, believe it or not, touches the tongue of the cat! A while back, KC brought a tiny little rabbit to the front door. The little rabbit was alive and well, but exhausted. For fear of being caught again, Shelley and I temporarily put the little rabbit in a birdcage outside, in the hope it would catch its breath until we could release it into the wild again. Unfortunately, some other animal, perhaps a raccoon, was able to get into the birdcage hoping to have a ready-made meal.


Fortunately, our little rabbit friend survived a second attack on its still very young life, but was pretty badly hurt on the left side of its face. Our first thought on seeing its badly scarred left side and bloody eye was that it would not survive this brutal assault.


However, I decided to take care of the ‘little bugger’, and treated him (or her) with a lot of tender care. I fed the little one, cleaned and medicated its wounds every day for weeks, until its wounds completely healed, upon where we released him back into its natural environment…but not until I painted him of course….( “The Phantom of the Garden” )


KC the cat has been a constant supplier of  “models” for my paintings…the other day she brought a tiny baby mouse into the house. Like the little rabbit, still alive and well, but exhausted just the same. I know it is just a rodent…but boy, what a beautiful little creature, everything works to perfection…

and I don’t want to sound corny, but try to make something like this! People that know me, also know that I am not all that crazy about cats, but KC (which is short for Kitty Cat) is different. She thinks she is a dog…. Regardless, KC is keeping me busy.  Selfishly I am already on the lookout for her to bring me her next victim with the purpose of immortalizing it….


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