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    "Triumph of Ages"

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From time to time, in this section, I will show my work in progress, and/or demonstrate the process from start to finish. In the future, this will also be shown through video clips. We are working on this. (What a time we live in…Rembrandt is turning over in his grave!). By no means I am implying that my way is the right way. I am still learning, every day. However, perhaps you will be able to get some sort of appreciation or understanding out of these demonstrations.


I will have to warn you though...Sometimes; certain elements in my comments and explanations that are accompanied by the step-by-step process seem to get lost in translation. (Bear in mind, I did not have an accent before I came to this country!).


I remember after describing a painting process once in an Art forum on-line someone wrote, and I am quoting; “He is obviously a good painter, but I wouldn't count on him to teach a class where proper terminology might be important. I'd kill to watch him paint, but with the audio turned off.“ I just cracked up..


Well, I am going to try my very best, but if by chance you do paint and your paintings don’t turn out to be what you want them to be because of my inadequate explanation, you can always become a modernist…. most likely you will then be rewarded and praised for your shortcomings and mistakes. (Did something just get lost in translation here?).


Triumph of Ages

Sunday Morning



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