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Step 9 of 10         


In this step, I’m working on the foreground. By applying some stronger values and sharper detail in this area, I practically force the eye to start here...then wander into the Canyon, towards the South Rim on the other side of the Canyon.

Since, at least in this part of the hemisphere we are ‘trained’ to read and write from left to right, we are subsequently doing many things in this train of thought, and behavior, if you will. Consequently, we also observe a painting this way. This phenomenon of left/right in observing and experiencing is a study on it’s own. Perhaps some other time I will go into this a little deeper. Notice though how awkward the reverse image ‘would’ look in step 9a. However, see how our eyes practically are pulled to the right side in the “correct” composition of the painting. It becomes “easier “ to the eyes. Evidently, this is how I determine the composition in a painting as well, from left to right


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